The Paid version of SA is not worth it

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Forcing everyone to pay to read SA is a LOSE - LOSE strategy.  People will not join at the astronomical prices for articles that are out of date.  SA needs a new strategy for making the site a better value.  Having been a regular for over ten years, it is the community that is the value.  SA website is the place, but SA does not provide any value compared to what the community creates.  If SA wants to be a better place, don't kill the GOLDEN GOOSE with efforts to force people to read the articles, which are less and less valuable as they age.


Agreed but unfortunately I don't think they care as there has already been a lot of complaints but so far crickets. I think they are just going to ignore it as noise and hope it all goes away I feel sorry for the folks who shelled out $900 for PRO but at the same time they are essentially supporting the SA money grab. It may take take a while but I think there will be a slow erosion of the community that will make SA a less and less appealing place to visit and exchange ideas as an investment community.