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iPad app - ticker symbol jumps

Azumi 2 years ago in iPhone App updated by SA Aleksandra Eskova 2 years ago 1


After the latest updates, there is another bug in iPad app. When you are looking at your portfolio, the ticker symbol jumps to a different position for like 1-2 secs then jumps back to the original position. ( I think when it is refreshing the data).

For example:

AAPL      ---> AAPL      ----> AAPL

AMZN     ---->NVDA      ----> AMZN

GOOGL  ----> FB         -----> GOOGL

FB          ----->GOOGL -----> FB

NVDA     -----> AMZN    -----> NVDA

Please fix this. It is very annoying. Thank you for your hard work!

Under review


thank you for your detailed feedback. We are aware of this bug, and it will be fixed in upcoming fix version.