A stock that has already risen and the one that will rise in the future


Hello dear friend. I have been registered with you for two days and I thank you for two weeks of experience on your good site. So far I'm trying to get to know the content of your site. however, I have seen a list of stocks that have risen in the last year/years. For example in Lists of top stocks, these are stocks that have already risen one hundred or more percent. But they have already gone up! I am as an investor look for information on stocks that will go up in the future. Is there such information on the site and where? For example, I have seen articles in other newspapers about Best Infrastructure Stocks for Biden's Big Building Spend. These give information about future stocks. I would be happy if you would guide me to the appropriate information on the Stocks with the potential for the future rise. Although I know that the Site is not intended to provide investment advice, and nothing on the Site should be construed as an offer to sell/buy.
Ruby-Rivka Parker