Irrelevant notifications

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Over the last couple weeks I’m being inundated with notifications, mostly or particularly for the SPY ticker even though I do *not* have that ticker in any of my portfolios or watch list. More often than not the article behind the notification is not mentioning or relevant to the ticker symbol it is associated with or one I do track through portfolios so it appears tickers are tagged regardless of relevance, in other words, it seems to be nothing more than click-bait. As a result, I am now *far less* likely to read the article, assuming that it’ll prove irrelevant and a waste of my time. Am I alone in this observation or are other SA readers experiencing this too? I feel this greatly, greatly diminishes the value of SA.

Commander Keen

I've also had this issue lately too. I decided to add SPY to my portfolio, but then decided that I did not want to see the vast amount of notifications it gets. So I removed it and am still getting notifications for it despite double-checking my portfolio and my Alerts section. Not sure if there's another place somewhere that has me flagged to receive these notifications.