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SA Eli Hoffmann 4 months ago • updated by SA Editor Michael Lipkin 3 months ago 9

Today I opened a number of website notifications one after the other by clicking on them in rapid succession. The first tab loaded fine. Subsequent tabs gave me the "robot" message.

Dear Mr. Hoffman: As an ardent follower of SA Contributor "Left Banker" I'd like to express my dismay at his apparent censorship. For me,this now leaves only two other Contributors that I follow closely/subscribe to and significantly less need to follow your site in general. I do not pretend to know or understand the causes of this disagreement,however,I will be watching closely to see if he resumes his publishing. Thank you very much for your attention to this matter.  

Mistapproach: Thank you for the note. Please know, he was not censored, and he is welcome to resume publishing with us. We remain in touch with him, and hope to resolve the situation amicably. 


Starting a couple days ago out of the blue started getting the click if your not a robot msg. Never in over 2 yrs!! Most annoying is the pics it wants you to click are so unclear its not always easy to answer/click as its asking. This situation is getting so absurd!!

We'll report it to tech. They sometimes tweak this process to keep out spammers. etc.

Yea, enough with the robot BS. Five different sets of images, really? I thought the emails were supposed to log one in (used to). Now all I get is the robot challenge. I was about to pay for the service but no way now. Too much of a PITA to unblock google script just so I can be insulted with two panels of buses and 3 panels of traffic lights. Ridiculous, I feel like a monkey,  click click click click click click click click.

May I ask why I have been censored for the past year? 100% of my posts go into a censorshipmode (delayed posting).


This censorship is making SA completely useless, as critical posts get dropped AND diminishes my desire to assist new investors.

Can anyone at SA tell me specifically why I'm being censored? (show me a post that violates your standards)

Per our moderation team, you have violated our community guidelines and therefore are in moderation. You should have received full information from them on this. 

I seem to get the "I am not a robot" prompt frequently when I open article notifications in new tabs or if I use the site rapidly in any way. Is there any way to get the robot prompt once when we login to verify that we are human or at least a lot less than we do now?


Hi, our tech team is looking into ways to minimize this issue. Thanks for your patience.