make comments editable like for all forums, also blog posts

Sanjay "John" 2 years ago updated 2 years ago 1

make comments editable like for all forums, just like Facebook and Google Plus and thousands of forums. Please don't copy twitter in this. Worse is that you wont even let us delete comments without a justification...really bad! 
All comments should be editable, and all should be deleted immediately without me having to justify why I want to delete. Very Hitlerish this idea of requesting to delete or modify comments.

Same with Blogs..need to be editable, that's the whole point of blogs! Missed the basic thing there, this is an Internet website, not a paper magazine, this is why people publish online, editable easily!

In some irony I can actually EDIT this message here...powered by Userecho it says! Please implement this on SA is my request.