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Charts are fuzzy when I zoom in

dcs-alpha 2 years ago in iPhone App updated by Stevtommo 2 years ago 6

Using an iPhone 8, when I tap and zoom in on a chart in any article, the resolution is fuzzy and not sharp enough to read.  Can this be fixed?

Under review

Can you share a screenshot?

This is a known issue, we are investigating

to clarify, it’s in the iOS app that it’s fuzzy, not in the lower placed click to view which I guess is browser based.  Also when Maya asked for a screen shot there was no easy way to reply. If I click on the return arrow it asks me to login and then doesn’t open any sort of field to type a reply.  Anyway I finally found this way to reply after going to a full web version of SA.

Hi, I also see this on iPhone 5S and iPad Air, both running the latest version of the app on the latest iOS, graphs are totally unreadable. Thanks 

It would help if you could provide an article title since all the ones I checked look ok.

“The Market Pinball Wizard: Market Is Digesting Its Gains” Thanks