Any way to narrow the target audience for an article in my feed?


Hi - I'm getting tired of seeing articles in my portfolio feed that I have no interest in reading and have nothing to do with the stocks in my portfolio.

A common 'trick' of most SA authors is to mention in their articles about a specific stock(s) - usually with just the ticker or maybe a single sentence - as many OTHER stocks as possible in order to pull in as wide an audience as possible when the article is published.  HOWEVER THE ARTICLE HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE OTHER STOCKS.  I am growing quite tired of clicking on an article that appears to be about a stock I own or am interested in - just to find out the article is actually about completely unrelated stock(s).

Please consider adding a filter that allows users to remove from their feed all articles that are not about stocks in their portfolio. Yes, this will force SA authors to publish a list of tickers that their article is SPECIFICALLY about - and not just a list of all stocks 'mentioned' in the article.  

Honestly this little trick has gotten out of control lately; most of the articles in my feed have nothing to do with stocks in my portfolio.