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I'm here to ask you why in the world) would you slow down, sanction or (God Forbid) edit 'Avi Gilburt's Blog' on your public forum? 

I've been following Avi's public articles for over years and his 'SA' articles have always been written professionally, very accurate, respectful and he has always been the consummate gentleman in all of his articles and with his responses back to all of his followers.  One cannot ask for anything better from a truly professional blogger on any forum...


"very accurate, respectful and he has always been the consummate gentleman in all of his articles"... are you serious?

Accurate? He totally missed the current bear market (his original range for the bottom of this "correction" was 4300-4100 within a couple of months, while we are near 3500 at the moment after 7 months!) and totally missed top and bottom of the previous one in 2020. How can you seriously say he is accurate?

And a respectful gentleman? He systematically delete every single comment that doesn't support his thesis or just closes the comment sections at all, he refuses any opposition and never provides verifiable track record of his predictions (e.g. one of his charts proving he was expecting the right "twists and turns" at the reasonably correct levels 6-12 months in advance; actually he would struggle to provide such a chart 6-12 weeks in advance).

However, I'm very impressed by the army of fanatics he managed to put together in order to spread his legend everywhere on the Internet. He's definitely a marketing genius.

I strongly suggest anyone reading this comment to take the free trial of his service and just backtest his charts. I wish I did it before starting to follow his "predictions".