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I would like the ability to FOREVER banish (filter) certain topics from my view when visiting seekingalpha.com and any digital communications from your fine service regarding items "that may be of interest to me."

Example, I will never directly invest in: bonds, REITs nor MLPs. --Not even an item that tells me nn% of people are investing in "X" would change my mind. Likewise, I don't need to know that others are selling or holding or... anything...

Dragging such items before my eyes is a complete waste of my precious time. All SA readers have limits on the time they can spend reviewing useful information-- (<24x7, surely). Let's weed out the useless before we see it.

--Apologies in advance if this is a duplicate topic. I did look.

SA Michael S. Lipkin
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We don't currently have this functionality, but it is a great idea. Thanks.


I would like to filter out (banish) SeekingAlpha articles that recommend OIL industry stocks.

I hate clicking another "Great Investment Idea" headline just to find another article about oil.

Any healthy outcome for the world depends on more or less destroying the whole oil/fracking industry. I don't want to be investing in it with my left hand while working hard to kill it with my right hand.