New website bugs - Oct 28

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1.  Elipses background on an individual post is now gray instead of white

Image 61979

2.  Portfolio's have a similar incorrect background issue.  This one's black.

Image 61982

3.  Lastly, clicking the "My Portfolio" link at the top, then changing tabs, then returning now expands the My Portfolio drop-down list.  Don't do that.  Folks click "My Portfolio" to get out of an article they just read and back to their "home page".  But now, when returning to the SA website tab, the drop-down list is open for some reason.  (I'd guess you changed something having to do with "element focus" in the last few days)

This is what one now sees when clicking the "My Portfolio" text and then changing tabs back and returning.

Image 61984


Update:  the first two issues are now fixed.  Issue #3 still occurs.


1. Read a message board article

2. Scroll up to make the top button-bar visible.

3. Click My Portfolio

4. Don't touch anything else.  Change tabs in your browser

5. Return immediately to Seeking Alpha tab

6. The My Portfolio drop-down automatically unfurls and blocks your stock listing