Has Seeking Alpha changed? I cannot read articles without PRO?

Integrity1958 3 years ago updated by Philipsonh 3 years ago 2

I tried to read two articles this morning.  I signed in and do not have PRO, but could not complete the articles.

yeah, i just signed up for nothing. I really dislike websites that force you to give your information and neglect to tell you that you still have to pay. Unsubscribing, blocking, and will not be back because I hate lying manipulators.

yes, it has become increasingly irritating to use the Seeking Alpha Site, because they are changing to an almost all paid for subscription product. If you have not read or commented on an article , that is now older than 10 days ago,  you cannot access it or even make a comment. You can read current articles during the first 10 days of publication but if you do not do so , you are blocked . They started out all free and have become more and more restrictive. It's their choice, of course, and they feel they can succeed with a subscription site.