More web page difficulty from Seeking Alpha

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After receiving the email from SA this morning that the Black Friday deal was going to expire soon, I tried to submit to the free trial. I have tried to use PayPal and my credit card as a payment method, In both cases after entering the information, it asks for my password. "Which password? When using PayPal the screen text asked me for my password, but it didn't say which password, Seeking Alpha or the PayPal password. I tried both, and in each case it said that the email and password did not match their records. I selected the link to reset my password (which

was the one, I used to sign in for the original free "expiring" trial) and it sent me a link with text saying "Use the button below to instantly login to Seeking Alpha". Clicked the button and it took me to the main SA web page where in all the menus I could not find a link for the Black Friday special. So, I have not been successful. The emails I had received from SA were very good, but their web page technology is a failure, and of course, there is no technical support, except this forum. Like they say, "This is no way to run a railroad".