earning reports calendar for all companies on your stock list?

augustonovato 2 years ago updated by Delanos 1 year ago 5

could be great if sa could get that concentrated on a single page including support for ical and google calendar.

Under review

Thanks for the suggestion. We'll leave this open so other users can "upvote" it. 

Hello Mr. Hochnan, 

Thank you for this post! This is exactly what I was searching for. However it is not accessible through the SA android app. Do you have plans to change this? 

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Hi Delanos - it is on our 'To Do' list but we don't have a timeline for it at the moment. Please note you can navigate to our site on Chrome on your phone and try using this feature while the site is in 'Desktop' mode.


Thanks a lot for the reply. I understand that the feature of having the earnings calendar is probably very circumferential to implement. I am using phone and open desktop version for now. I woukd like to contribute to the improvement of SA with two ideas which should not be as heavy as a full calendar implementation. Maybe.. :) 

1// For users that use the app more than the desktop version it would be really great to have the link to the desktop earnings calendar and that you get then automatically logged in. The desktop version offers many links. I miss those links in the app to be honest, even if they point to the desktop version 

2// Alternatively it could be sufficient to have a short section of the earnings dates of the portfolio only. It does not have to be the full beautified calendar but just a simple table with the company names and dates of the earnings / conf calls. This would be so awesome and super helpful. 

Thank you so much for your hard work. It is absolutely approximated. SA is worth every cent of the subscription.