Facebook always missing clickable ticker in watchlist.

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For some reason, Facebook is missing a clickable ticker (FB) in the watchlist. Facebook is the only stock that this issue seems to occur for. I have tried clearing cookies, etc, for Seeking Alpha, but nothing seems to help. The problem happens on a Mac desktop, Mac laptop, Linux desktop, etc, all using Google Chrome.

I have attached a screenshot of the problem.


SA Jacob Maltz
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Hi alopecoid,

Here is how it looks for me in Chrome.

Are you logging in with the same user in all platforms with the same set of extensions ?  It is possibly a chrome extension which is editing our web page.

To confirm that this the case, go to the chrome settings  or chrome://extensions/

disable all plugins, restart chrome and see if the problem goes away.  If it does, you can re-enable the extensions one at a time until you find the buggy one.

Good luck, and please post the results of your findings.




Hi Jacob,

Yes, that seems to be the cause; the uBlock Origin extension must be filtering the Facebook ticker (FB) markup because it somehow confuses it with typical Facebook-related content.

Thanks for looking into this!