A Private Corporation issued and is the seller of the Bond, ISIN: SE ++++++ a zero/hidden coupon corporate bond backed by the assets of the company which are precious metals. The bond matures 1st October 2022.

There is €450,000,000 face amount available. A buyer can take any amount. The bond trades in Euros. The price is 58% of face amount

The bonds are in the Euroclear system ready to trade and settle via Euroclear, delivery versus payment (DVP), T+1. 

Simultaneous with the Buyer being identified and information provided to Counsel's office to perform due diligence in accordance with the international laws, the Buyer provides their securities trading desk information, including name of firm, address, name of trader, contact information for trader, trader’s location and email address. All information is kept confidential. 

Company's securities trader will initiate contact with the Buyer’s securities trader to set up the trade.

The Buyer’s trader and Companys trader will confirm to each other:

(i) Funds and bonds

(ii) Set up a trading schedule, depending upon the size of the trade

(iii) Confirm trade is in Euros

(iv) Confirm trade and settlement is over Euroclear, delivery versus payment (DVP), T+1.

The bond is high yield to maturity and short term which is the trend. You would have to go out 30 years to get what this bond offers. 

If your potential buyer has any technical questions about the bond such a creative ways to use it , We will provide contact info to discuss.

Contact us to get seller info which is a Securities Attorney in New York