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hi I've been an SA user since 2008. After years of solid reliability, in 2015 my personal portfolio did not appear when I logged in using my credentials. I tried the website and the (then newish) Android app. No luck. 

I was gobsmacked. I tried many different login strategies but was unable to find my portfolio. It was gone, along with share purchase prices, lot size, etc. 

I eventually decided to rebuild my portfolio under a new email address. It took a very long time to enter my basis, lot purchases, etc. but I made the new portfolio under the name "M8".

A few months ago, this NEW portfolio did not show up when I logged in to SA. I've tried logging in under my previous email, my current email. I've tried from the website (iOS+Chrome latest versions) and from my Android app (Android 12). Tried resetting P/Ws, clearing caches, etc. My portfolio name ("M8") still shows when I log in, but only one stock (a stock that I tracked but don't own) appears in that portfolio. The others (about 30 stocks and ETFs) are gone. There are no other portfolios showing. This is exactly similar to my original experience. 

How do I recover the missing ~30 equities in M8? Have others experienced this "disappearing portfolio" issue? It it a known SA bug? Very frustrated that there does not seem to be a way to reach SA tech support.. Any suggestions? 

Thank you. 


Sorry to hear that M8, but I'm guessing you finally got ahold of support otherwise how would this reach my inbox? Hopefully everything will work out for you and your problem will be solved.

denis Malij

pliz mani