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The SA ENERGY editor under user "natha allen" has consistently been provoding misleading, sensationalized,  and outright false reporting on oil and energy market data for weeks. Someone at SA management needs to review his posts history for accuracy, and remove him. 


I agree with this, this article especially makes that case.

To which I left this comment...

-"On the back of Germany shutting half its nuclear fleet January 1st and planning to shut the remaining half this year"

Very misleading statement, bordering on a lie.

Germany had 17 reactors, they shutdown most of those in 2011.

They had 6 remaining and shutdown half of those a couple weeks ago with 3 left to shutdown.-


it is too the point, every time he posts, I have go dig out the source material on another site to verify it is the real data. I can't simply trust SA to provide a quick, accurate, report of the headline official numbers.

Not sure what his agenda is. Does he somehow think misleading a handful of small investors is somehow going to move the international energy markets? Is this some sort of sick green agenda to discourage people from investing in the oil and gas sector?

Because, if there is no agenda, the alternative is total incompetence.

In either case, SA management needs to take action.


SA, WE NEED A feature to at least allow us to filter or ban authors that provide consistent misleading information so we can stop waisting our time with crap articles and information.


SA administration, look at these lies this guy is posting as an SA editor,

API bullish - if confirmed by DOE tomorrow

Jan. 25, 2022 4:41 PM ETXLE, USOBy: Nathan Allen, SA News Editor6 Comments

  • API reported crude inventories drew 0.9mb, relative to the DOE expectation for a draw of 0.7mb on the week.
  • Crude inventories at Cushing drew 1.0mb on the week according to the API.
  • API reported gasoline inventories built 2.4mb, relative to the DOE expectation for a build of 2.6mb on the week.
  • API reported diesel inventories drew 2.2mb, relative to the DOE expectation for a draw of 1.3mb on the week.
  • In total, API showed a draw of 0.7mb in oil and oil products on the week, relative to the DOE expectation for a 0.6mb build.
  • If the API figures from this evening are confirmed by the DOE report tomorrow, it will be a slight posative for crude in the short term (NYSEARCA:USO) (NYSEARCA:XLE).

NOW, compare that with the real numbers from other sources like this one,