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I totally understand the necessity of advertisements in your email notifications and I am fine with that. But currently, there's one... how can I put it... the more often I look at it, the more it bothers me. It's sexist in such an incredibly ridiculous way, like those really cheap and weird click-baiting style ads you keep seeing on other, not-so-serious websites, sort of disgusting, not so much because it draws your attention to those pink buttocks but more because it's so cheesy. Do you know what I mean?

To me, this doesn't fit for a service like yours. And I'd love not to have to look at it again. Thanks in advance for considering this.

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SA Admin Daniel Hochman
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Thanks so much for your feedback. We have asked our ad provider to block this ad. It may take a few days for this change to take effect.




Awesome, thank you, Daniel!