Seeking alpha sucks now, will lose a lot of retail investors

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75$ a month is way too expensive for most retail investors. Used to love seeking alpha, will no longer use it. Almost everything is behind a paywall now. 


Completely agree. You can subscribe to the WSJ, Barrons, FT,, and Motely Fool all together for the same price as just one "financial advisors" newsletter.  Its a joke, that like Hulu, will be in the dust bin within ten years. Just one man's opinion. This article alone, American Tower Q1 Earnings: Bull Thesis Confirmed (NYSE:AMT) | Seeking Alpha, cost $440 for a yr subscription and its written by a fee-only financial advisory firm in Indiana that does not even have one CFA on its team. Its a wealth management firm simply attempting to market and gain new clients. Just go elsewhere folks.