Anyone tell me why the following comment was censored?


Let's have a look under the hood. Per CEF data the Discount

Relative Range is 84.93%, meaning it is expensive relative the the

premia/discount range in which it usually trades.

The Z scores say the same: 6-mo is 1.47, 1-yr is 2.05 and 3-yr is 2.73.

Performance relative to peers is middling to poor. Return on NAV for one year is

19 out of 21 funds, 3-yr is 11 of 21, and 5-yr is 15 out of 21.

I can't make a case for buying a mediocre fund when it's expensive..

Especially not an unleveraged CEF equity fund. Just buying VTV gives

one a better return and is far more tax efficient.