Stock page vs. screen rating discrepancy


I am a premium member. Last week, I created a screen that in part selected for stocks where the SA Author Rating, Wall Street Rating, and Quant Rating were all between 4.25 and 5.00. Today, when I ran that screen, it displayed six stocks including OVID, which it displayed with a Quant Rating of 4.47, SA Author Rating of 5.00, and Wall Street Rating of 4.5. But when I clicked on OVID to get to the symbol summary page, it says "Not Covered" for the SA Author Rating, rather than 5.00.  That to me makes the screen results page deceptive at best. Perhaps those ratings ranges should include a check box to indicate whether or not unrated should be included, but unrated should never display as 5.00. From my perspective, ideally the screen setup would include an option to require a minimum number of SA Authors or Wall Street analysts. A rating based on two or more authors/analysts is often more valuable than one based on a single opinion.