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Access to comments on articles

gunther badoo 2 years ago updated by SA Admin Daniel Hochman 2 years ago 3

Along with article content itself, the comments become inaccessible after a certain, rather short period.

If I have commented or asked a question on one of the articles, I want at least to be able to see if there are comments on my comment or answers to my question. I don't mind so much losing access to the original article.

It is especially frustrating that SA continues to notify me by email that there are new comments on such-and-such an article, when I am unable to read them.  It seems rather greedy of SA to set things up this way. 

Under review


If you have commented on the article or are tracking comments you should retain access to the comments. Do you have an example of such an article which you cannot access?



Hello Daniel -

Thanks for the quick response.

The immediate concern is with


I did not know there was some mechanism by which I could "retain access" to comments. Is there some link on the article page that I am not seeing which would do that?



I don't see any comments by you on this article. If you click the "Track Comments" button at the top of the comments stream you will retain access as well.