Strong Buy Quant Performance

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I was thinking of subscribing until I saw this graphic. It appears to show you under-performing the S&P 500 in the bar chart and out-performing the S&P 500 in the line chart. 

Did your graphics department make a mistake or are you misleading potential customers?

Care to clarify?

Image 71513


I place zero faith in the Quant Ratings...Rebalance daily???? Signals go from Strong Buy to Sell overnight?? Tech Support wrote me when I brought it to their attention,and they  said there are data issues which cause this issue.. .And lets be real.If anyone had a aystem that outperformed the SP 4-1,why on earth arent they managing billions??.

Try asking them how their strong buys perform without "rebalancing daily" and using different holding periods/rebalancing time frames...

IMHO,its a scam...