Guide to Choosing the Best Messaging App to Enhancement Your Business


Recall the first text message you ever sent? Besides the 160-character limit, undefined deliverability, and trouble in keeping track of conversations, SMS used to be pricey. Carriers usual a cap on messages sent and received per month and would control customers for each text that exceeded the limit.

At their inception, messaging apps were created to be a solution to this problem; and others came into popularity as many people especially those outside. But times have transformed, and messaging apps have changed. What began as a modest substitute for the one-on-one message has now become a go-to platform for distribution content, receiving social, and intermingling with both friends and products. But before you can begin marketing on these platforms, you need to fully recognize how and why they’re being used.

Okay, So Messaging Apps Are Popular. How Do I Feature Them into My Social Media Strategy?

In his guide to messaging apps, Ash Read of Barrier posed the resulting question: “Until now, standing out in the timelines and News Feeds typified by Facebook and Twitter have been the prime goalmouth of most social media strategies. But what about when these feeds are no longer the first place people turn for discovery and interaction?”

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Some vendors have already predicted the need to meet operators on these private, direct channels. Many big products today are using these affectedly intellectual bots to provide real-time service to customers.

Why should you use a messenger app for business?

Quite basically, your business should be using messenger apps because your clients are using them, and they expect to find you there.
According to Business Insider, the top four messaging apps now have a larger joint user base than do the top four social networks. Messaging is mainly significant if you’re marketing to clients in the Asia-Pacific region, where more than half of all universal messaging app users can be found.
Messenger apps should also be on your range as a key way for readers to share content via dark social—that is, through isolated channels that don’t register as social shares and don’t have an appointment source attached.
The vast mainstream of online sharing—84 percent—now takes place on private channels like direct messaging, so even if you’re not yet using a messaging app to market your business, your readers are expected previously using them to spread your content’s reach.

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