Not crazy about your new subscription model

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Hi, your new pricing of $75 per month or $200 per month is a bit steep for individual investors.  The prices might work for professionals, but you should have a package for individual investors. Many of us contribute a lot of valuable feedback and industry specific commentary to your articles. Sometimes the comments offer more insight and value than the articles themselves because you get input from people that work in the industry and know their industry inside and out and now you are leaving those people out, or forcing them to pay to leave feedback, which is wrong.  Many times a person will poke holes in an article and point out why the writer is wrong or misinformed. The biggest value of Seeking Alpha is the free flow of information and the discussions that happens in the comments, not it the actual articles. That's where you discover the real nuggets of valuable information - but we are providing those nuggets free of charge, and now you want to charge the same people that add the value to use your website!