Pages not loading

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Hi. I'm unable to open pages on the site at the moment. When I try I get this:


Have tried deleting cookies, logging in and out, turning off and on. Am using Safari browser on an iPad.



Seeking Alpha pages are loading slowly (several minutes) compared to all other web sites (a few seconds at most) on both my I-Mac and my I-Pad using Safari browser.  This discourages me from using the site for anything because it's too slow compared to everything else.

Simply Invest

i encounter the same issue.. seem like data extraction is getting delays. 


Recently when I load pages they are not loading properly. For example, if I click on a city the page it takes me to has city information at the top, a long list of links on the right side, and a large blank area to the left and in the center. If I continue scrolling down a long way I finally get to the most important information such as hotels, restaurants and attractions.

I am using Firefox 20.0.1.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to why it is not loading properly and how to fix it? I really miss my pages looking right