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email links malformed or webserver mis-configured

getrichslow 2 years ago in Website updated by SA Admin Daniel Hochman 2 years ago 4
Links to articles in emails I get from you guys are either malformed or the webserver is misconfigured. Last couple of days just been getting "400 Bad Request - Request Header Or Cookie Too Large" when clicking on article links in emails I get from SA. 

Could you please provide a bit more details regarding device, operating system and browser you are using for opening links.

Hello, I'm very confused now because this issue does not occur on my laptop with the same links. The computer that I see this behavior on is Windows 7 with updated chrome browser. The same links work properly on my mac laptop with chrome.

The problem appears to be with the email.seekingalpha.com domain.  I can't say for sure when the issue started but email links from SA were working fine on the Win 7 machine before a few weeks ago I think. 

Hope that helps.

I have tried to replicate the issue at the environment, you have described above, but without success (i.e. email links are opened normally). This may actually be a cookie related issue at you Windows machine. You may try to copy link from email and open it at incognito mode in Chrome. If this works, try to clean Chrome cookies and verify whether this eliminates the issue for regular mode.

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If you delete your cookies on the impacted browser, it should solve this issue.