How do you say CIG is a


CIG among Energy/Material gainers; Precision Drilling and Smart Sand among losers

May 02, 2022 2:00 PM ETPDS, NSR, CIG, TH, NEXT, CRKN, VIVK, ELP, VOC, SNDBy: Shweta Agarwal, SA News Editor

How the hell is CIG a winner in this title when you click on CIG and you see it is down 13%

CIGprice alertsUnfollow$2.64Companhia Energ├ętica de Minas Gerais-0.39(-12.87%)

Seriously what the hell is wrong with Seeking Alpha contributors. If Seeking Alpha isn't going woke it is definitely going to "sh_t". Any comments from Seeking Alpha response team or are you just gonna sit by and what your readers stop subscribing?