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lucasjsaunders 2 years ago in Website updated 2 years ago 2

This may be a unique issue, but I recently attempted to register a new account through my employer with a newly created email address just for this purpose. What I did not realize, was that I was premature in the setup process and the address had not yet been created when I hit the "register" button. The registration email was rejected by our email server and cannot be retrieved. When trying to register again with this email address I get an error message that says "There is already a registration in progress for this email, if you did not receive the confirmation email, please ask your IT department or email provider to place seekingalpha.com in the whitelist and try to register again." 

I don't see any way we can resolve this on our own without your intervention. Can the registration be cleared so we can try again or the registration email be sent again

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Did you try forgot password or simply logging in?

Both of those did not work yesterday (the message said something like "that email address does not exist"), but today it seems to have resent the registration email after hitting the "forgot password" link. Thanks for your response, looks like it just needed time to process?