In my "Articles You've Read" of the past couple visits on the list or articles no longer has the "new comments" number highlighted. So, when I click on any given article, the article no longer shows "NEW" postings....this was/is a great fea


On my "Articles You've Read" list the end of each article the "New Comments" text USED TO BE highlighted in blue when ADDITIONAL comments have appeared since my last visit.  I USED TO BE ABLE TO click on this and it would take me to the first NEW comment (and the article).   I am monitoring some articles and I see the number of comments INCREASING but the "New Comments" section on my list of articles is NOT HIGHLIGHTING.   So, when I click on any of these articles the site NO LONGER takes me to the newest comment on any given article. 

It was a VERY handy feature since most of the articles have A LOT of comments.  Great way to keep updated on NEW comments without having to scroll down and re-read old comments.

Any idea why this clickable and takes-you-to-the-newest-comment feature isn't working??