The new toolbar in the Android app is too thick

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  I saw you guys added a new toolbar in the lower part of the Android App.

    I personally don't like it at all. It's too thick, taking a lot of the vertical space when reading. Cannot find any option to hide it if I don't use it. Mostly for me is useless cause I have the same things in the main menu.

    For me the UI was better before cause the menu was not there on the screen all the time. Now the new thick toolbar, takes a big chunk of my reading space and I use a Samsung Fold 2.

Please consider this options:

  1- add an option button on the toolbar to hide/unhide or collapse/uncollapse the toolbar when I don't need it.

  2- add an option in Prefferences to show /not show the toolbar.

3.Make the toolbar 50% to 60% thinner.No need for 4 buttons to cover so much vertical reading screen space.

4. Add an option to have the bar on the top of the screen and disappear when scrolling down while reading articles.Believe it or not, the articles and data is more important then the UI elements, while reading.

  I hope you will find this feedback useful and do something about it.

  Thank you.



I agree with the user above, except I would like an option to have the prior top toolbar and hide the bottom one completely.  I’m on iOS and do not like the new bottom menu at all. The prior top menu was much better because I could get to all parts of the site easily. With the bottom menu, it takes up a lot of space and I do not use those links much at all. Thanks!



Ma Well

yes hi who are you? 


I am not a fan of the toolbar all together, it only takes space on the screen. I have no issue using the expandable sidebar, would love to be able to remove the bottom toolbar. 

David Gafni

I've been in software ui/ux and development for 25 years and the toolbar is a terrible use of screen space. Aside from the fact that it's too tall on my Android device, I would much rather have the options under the hamburger menu, though that's pretty crowded. At a minimum, give us the option to hide/show. Otherwise I'm probably going to be using the app much less.