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Microsoft Security Essentials blocked tpc.googlesyndication.com hosted by seekingalpha.com.  I had to return to my homepage (not SA homepage).  This is the third consecutive day I have been unable to finish reading an article,  Thanks for looking into this.

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Me too on one of my computers. Happening for last four days I believe. Win10 operating system with fairly tight security controls, but it has not been an issue in the past on that computer.

Under review

Our tech department is looking into this. Thanks 


Hi folks.  This is a perfectly legitimate URL which is part of the Google Ads framework.   I just checked and Wall Street Journal WSJ.com and CNN.com both make requests to  tpc.googlesyndication.com.  Could you please let me know if these sites work properly on your browser or if you have the same issue ?

Microsoft Security Essentials just gave me the Unsafe Website Warning on tpc.googlesyndication.com and directed me back to my homepage.  I'm running Windows 7 Home Edition and Internet Explorer.  This makes reading articles impossible on my desktop.

Thanks for looking into this.


Legitimate?? When MSE AND Malware Bytes blocks this action and MSE shows it is a Trojan downloader or something I DO NOT consider that legitimate.

Can you spare a few minutes to do a screenshare? Please email me at danielh@seekingalpha.com to setup a time.

mine started working! Now i have email about unsafe sight?

i checked bolth and the browser works in bolth i did receive a error loading apage but for the most part it worked fine


I'm afraid my computer is allergic to cnn.com, I guess I could try wsj.com, but I thought you needed to subscribe to the journal to get INTO the site anyway.

I'm glad to see I'm not the only one. Same here. I'm on this site and very red window pops up warning me that Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) has blocked tpc.googlesyndication.com. I go to MSE and it has blocked some kind of Trojan. I click the box next to it and MSE removes it. Blocked a number of times during the day.  Only from THIS SITE. FIX IT!

MSE warning constantly popping up warning me of a Trojan downloader today the 24th. I notice it happens only when in the news section and not on SA home page. FIX IT!

Well same thing again today the 26th.  Both MSE and Malware Bytes produced a notice. When on the SA homepage it's OK but try to go to news and read something the red MSE warning page lights up. So SA has basically become unusable.

I am getting this website (or a related one) when I access the Seeking Alpha website using my iPad. 

I've got the same problem

Under review

Are either of you available to do a screenshare so we can help diagnose the issue? If so, please email danielh@seekingalpha.com

Same here, website being blocked by Microsoft essentials

If anyone is willing to do a quick screenshare to help diagnose the issue, please email me at danielh@seekingalpha.com

I can do a screenshare now if possible, Or let me know a good time tomorrow

SOS. Same old excrement today again. The 27th.  Home page OK. Go anywhere else site blocked by MSE. SA site still unusable.

It happened again this morning.  This time the offending website was tpc.googlesyndication.com.  The warning directs me back to my home page (thus exiting SA).  This problem makes desktop SA essentially unusable. 

Same thing here this AM Dec 28th. That is the same website warning I get at MSE. Home page fine but do anything else is useless. COME ON SA FIX IT!!!!

www.dianomi.com struck again just a few moments ago (Dec 29th).  Directed back to homepage.  I'll keep trying because I do enjoy reading SA. 

Hi All,

From our research it looks like some of you may have Malware on your computer or mobile device.

See here: https://malwaretips.com/blogs/remove-reward-center/ and here: https://www.symantec.com/blogs/threat-intelligence/congratulations-you-won-scam-android

Please download and install Malwarebytes: https://www.malwarebytes.com/products/ and let us know if it finds any Malware on your device.



Did it again this AM the 30th. MSE blocked it.  Both laptop and desktop. Home page OK but cannot go anywhere else to read. I run both MSE and Malware Bytes. Right after this occurred I scanned with MAL B and it picked up nothing but MSE did. I looked into recent updates in control panel and found nothing suspicious. I will look into the links you have provided. As you can see I'm not the only one having problems. So right now SA is still unusable.

MSE just blocked tps.googlesyndication.com.  I am running MalwareBytes as jzut does.  I'll give the malwaretips link from Daniel Hochman a try.  Unfortunately, SA remains unusable on the desktop.  Phone is fine.

If WE have a malware problem on our machines why are OUR machines not acting strangely. Nothing picked up by MAL B or MSE. But immediately picked up and BLOCKED by MSE only off YOUR site trying to put something on our machines.  

Possibly really good news.  I noticed MalwareBytes was running with "scan root kit" switched off (no clue as to why it was ever switched off).  I turned it back on and did a full scan.  There were 3 detections though no quarantines.  Nevertheless, I have just finished reading 3 articles on SA with no appearance of the dreaded red screen. 

JZUT: I hope your issue is identical to mine and can be resolved quickly. Also, I had the same experience as you: no problems elsewhere to my knowledge, just SA. 


Brad. I did the same thing and had no detections or quarantines. I have MAL B free on desktop and free trial on laptop. Didn't work. Same BS. MSE red screen and MSE blocked a Trojan downloader some thing on both machines. I've been thinking about getting MAL B premium. It says 2 machines for $50/yr. I can do all those links  that Daniel listed. That will take some time to go thru.

Again same BS today the 2nd. I have installed Hitman Pro 30 day license. Immediately ran it and no threats detected. Ran MAL B AdwCleaner. 2 ideas that were suggested. MSE blocked it. I notice that SA had a problem similar to this about 6 mo ago in older feedbacks. Still can't read anything but home page is OK. ?????????

JZUT, I just posted a reply, shown below.  I realized that I hadn't hit "reply" so wanted you to know that I responded.  - Brad

JZUT, for what it's worth I'm running Malwaredbytes Premium.  Though yesterday I had yet another red screen intrusion.  It was irritating to say the least.  For whatever reason I realized that MalB was running it's daily scan (9:00 AM Pacific Time) at the same time as the red intrusion.  When I returned to SA after MalB finished scanning I could read articles again.  Inexplicable to me.  I wish us both good luck.  - Brad

HEY SA and Brad :) have you fixed this. On here for about an hour Jan 3rd and no MSE RED SCREEN.

JZUT, I think so.  I was able to finish at least one article today without incident.  Best regards, Brad

to Daniel H at SA. What was the fix for the MSE warning.

Well Daniel H, IT'S BACK. Sunday AM the 6th. I thought you had it fixed. Worked good for a few days. Same MSE red screen warning of a Google syndication something and blocks a Trojan downloader. DARN IT!!!

Update. One time hit and been on for a couple hours and reading articles and no MSE red screen. ?????

No problems today the 7th.