I have had "sync state errors" exchange accounts I started Stolen! Derrick cooper around still?


I have Fidelity Investment ACCOUNTS stolen! Ameritrade! American Express! Wells Fargo! Credit One! Ally ! Vantage! Vonage! Fisher! Merrill Lynch and Edge! Microsoft Barclay! ECB! UAW! AUE! TD Ameritrade! AAmeriprise! Apple! Yahoo! Twitter! Facebook! NASDAQ! Edward Jones! Dominican Republic! PNC! US Bank! Commerce Bank! Charters! Swiss Accounts! KCB accounts! Capital One accounts! First State Community Bank! Eagle Bank! Enterprise Bank&Trust! Bank of America! First State Bank! B.B.V.E! B.B.1.V! BBIv! PayPal! Account Now! Square! AOL! AT&T! VERIZON!Google You name it! Amazon you name! Credit Unions! Federal Reserves! Federal Repesitories! And just my LarryFast123@! Just 1 of my Creations! And Original  work! First modification lrryfast123@ that Microsoft and Google and Apache and the Government of the United States of America told me I have rights to 100% of original work! 50% of ALL VARIATIONS OF MY ORIGINAL WORK! I HAVE LRRYFAST123EZ3HDPQU2DVOUNB@itlgopk.gov emailing my lrryfast123@ saying it's coming from Square! Really? Or is it my account pissing down my back telling me it's raining money? I have lrryfast1237606643@aol.com emailing&claiming to be sending me money I won that says it's Really Cash app?????? And the Evernote! My lrryfast123.4959508@m.evernote.com is just Modification of my LARRYFAST123@ YOU NAME IT! I HAVE MY BUILD VERSIONS! ANDROID VERSIONS! SAMSUNG VERSIONS! IP'S! IPV4'S! IPV6'S! ENCRYPTED VERSIONS! AND NONE OF YOU HAVE ALLOWED ME TO USE ANY OF MY ACCOUNTS! I HAVE PROOF OF MULTIPLE LOTTERIES I WON ALONE IN THE MILLIONS! AND WHY AM I UNABLE TO USE ANY OF MY ACCOUNTS? UNABLE TO VERIFY OWNERSHIP??? UNCLAIMED DOMAIN?? UNCLAIMED ORG?? UNCLAIMED BUSINESS?? UNCLAIMED BANK ACCOUNT? I CALL BULLSHIT! MY STATE IS MISSOURI! MY COUNTY IS JEFFERSON! AND I LIVE IN THE CITY OF DE SOTO! AND IF ANYONE WHO DOES NOT KNOW 1103 SOUTH 5TH ST IS MY ONLY LOCATION! OH YEAH 63020! NEED A EMAIL? HOW ABOUT MAKE RIGHT YOU ALL DID! GIVE ME MY HALF YOU ASSHOLES AGREED TO!