marketplace reviews are biased

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SA only allows for current subscribers to review marketplace services. I was a member of the disastrous Beating the Market until November (I was put off by how they disregarded inflation's threat to their unprofitable high-growth portfolio, and their arrogance in dismissing my and others arguments to this effect in the chat). 

Several times since then I've tried to post a thoughtful review, but SA doesn't allow. BTM has many unhappy customers who left, who can't post a review because they cancelled. 

Obviously, this is a kind of survivorship bias that explains the service's impossibly high average rating

Can somebody explain why any of the reviews are reliable if they are only reviews posted simultaneous with membership. Why can't somebody cancel a service, then write a review?


Here's an idea, re-subscribe to their service and post bad review. Then you can cancel / block your credit card. Tell SA your beef is with BTM not them but they can kick rocks too if they're feeling froggy.

I posted a similar complaint a month or two ago (see here), of course SA didn't respond.

Thank you for the PSA on BTM I'm currently subbed to them and will definitely be more careful. 

Also watch out for IO Fund, I also subbed to them and they are worse. Whole site is becoming a cesspool.

David Harper, CFA

Thanks Ethan, I'm going to use that phrase it made me laugh "they can kick rocks too if they're feeling froggy." :)

I trialed IO Fund and did not even consider staying

I commented on your previous post (to agree). Good luck in that BTM forum. I'd imagine there's no way to account for their performance. If I were them, I'd just wipe the slate clean and start fresh today. Last year, just a statistically stunning series of bad recommendations by them. I'm so glad I only followed a few of their recommendations with experimental bets (e.g., SKLZ that I quickly exited; SFT, BLND that they thought had no competition) but dang some of their followers lost real money.