Banning VPNs to stop troll accounts

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So as we know we have a bit of a trolling problem

with one person in particular (ketones) who makes repeat accounts using

a VPN to bypass being caught for a while. I have used VPN's in order to

watch football games that I can only buy as an international customer

so know how they work. I once tried a VPN to get a sport event for

cheaper and was automatically barred from using the site because I used a

VPN so this has got me thinking. Could you not ban VPN's completely on

this site and that would put a stop to repeated banned accounts from

returning. Thoughts?


As far as I know, they can also use mobile proxies


I don't think it will help much. After all, you can easily use proxy servers. If he only needs an anonymizer that does not provide for reliable data storage, then it will be enough to set up a proxy server. This does not require special software. Plus, in most cases, paid proxies are cheaper than paid VPNs. But if you need a quality service without restrictions, then in both cases you will have to pay. Personally, I used Sonax when I needed a proxy server to work.