Slow removal of features for free over time without warning


As a free user for some time, I have constantly been astounded by the silent removal of features for free users without any indication of where they are going and why. The latest straw that has really irked me is the removal of >1 year company info. It was really great to have that all in one place, and now that its gone I'm really finding less of a reason to stay at Seeking Alpha as I can get the <1 year info from many other places. The lack of communication and interaction with the community on these changes really shows and makes me LESS likely to ever subscribe for premium or greater as you'll likely pull features silently there without notice and requiring more investment to gain access. Really disappointed as SA used to be great, and now it's just mediocre unless you pay (way too much money).

1) If you're going to remove a feature, tell your users where it has gone, how to get it back, if its gone forever, or generally what you're doing.
2) Bring back the longer term historical data behind company earnings, conference calls, etc. That info is very helpful to have and was probably the last differentiator of this website vs others.
3) Lower the cost to access statistics if that's the rub. I bet you'd get a lot of users who would pay 10-15 a year just to see historical data all in one place. Why force us to pay for features we won't use? Better scale of feature offerings and packages is definitely needed.