Financial data can't be exported to excel now

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The command tab for exporting to excel has disappeared on financial data. When will it be available again? 


they need to get with the times and allow excel add-ins and APIs.  Other data providers allow this.


The ability to download financials to Excel was the main reason I subscribed to Seeking Alpha. Unless this feature is reinstated, I will discontinue the subscription when it expires.

At the very least, there should be a premium tier that allows you to download individual stock data - if the cost was reasonable, I would pay a little more...

But to remove a feature completely makes you wonder what other features will be removed just as you get used to them. Not a great way to treat your customers - it's not a minor thing you've removed, it was a major feature of the SA service.

At some point you'll start to notice that people are unsubscribing from SA in droves and wonder why...