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Avi Guilburt

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Hi, I see that there are some challenges  between Avi Guilburt, who makes fabulous contributions to Seeking Alpha, and Seeking Alpha. Please can you resolve your issue with Avi so we can continue to read his articles please.

Thank you


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avi needs a break from sa maybe everybody needs a break pump and dump or shorters articles from sa

I was warned of sa articles but avi was a breath of fresh air from a lot of sa articles

Under review

We don't discuss private matters in public forums, but I remain in contact with Avi, and will only say that we have had a long relationship that I hope can continue. 



Very sorry that SA has made it impossible for Avi Gilburt to continue posting on SA, I really value his perspectives.

Ari was one of the only reasons I came to to SA.

agree! Avi Gilbert’s posts are greatly missed! He reappeared today for a short time, but apparently SA has removed his post-what’s the issue?

His article is available here: https://seekingalpha.com/article/4235795-sentiment-speaks-felt-like-genius-bull-market-felt-lost?source=all_articles_title

Not sure why you thought it had disappeared? Can you elaborate on your experience, please?