Export financial data to Excel

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The function to export financial data to Excel no longer in service?

Ruben Z

One of the main reasons I got the subscription is to be able to export the data of last 10 years in an easy format. Can you please make another export possible (simple text, csv is also fine)? Without this functionality I will not be extending my membership. 


The ability to download financials to Excel was the main reason I subscribed to Seeking Alpha. Unless this feature is reinstated, I will discontinue the subscription when it expires.

At the very least, there should be a premium tier that allows you to download individual stock data - if the cost was reasonable, I would pay a little more...

But to remove a feature completely makes you wonder what other features will be removed just as you get used to them. Not a great way to treat your customers - it's not a minor thing you've removed, it was a major feature of the SA service.

At some point you'll start to notice that people are unsubscribing from SA in droves and wonder why...