Has Seeking Alpha become WOKE? II

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Holy moly, I made a comment including the contributor "Dulan" were I wasn't disrespectful, but honest I mentioned he should be ashamed pushing this crap and mentioned Children's Health Defense which is run by one of the last living Kennedy's and WOKE seeking alpha has removed the comment, I think it time to remove Seeking Alpha from my group of reading materials. I dare SA to repost my original comment and explain to me what was so bad in the comment.
I wonder if the contributor complained about being upset, or was it because maybe I said he was preaching to the many sheep that live in this country or world for that matter. It is obvious that somebody can't handle the simple but honest truth...........lets see if they delete this one too. If they do then we really know that Seeking Alpha is afraid of the big bad Woke Wolf............II


they censor and remove most comments that go against their preferred narrative or challenge and of their regulars.  any suggestions for alternative sites? i'm looking to make a change as well


Investors / Observers is more numerical, no contributors but it is worth a look at

https://www.investorsobserver.com/stocks, they do etfs / options according to price of course

Let me if you come across anything