Khata - Ledger Account Book/Udhar Bahi Khata Book

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Khata Business is a smart ledger management app to track ‘UDHAARI’.

Shopkeepers and Business owners can now manage their daily/monthly Udhar Bahi khata digitally.

Keeping day to day records of CREDIT-DEBIT transactions with the customers is now SIMPLE, SAFE and TRANSPARENT.


• In 1-Click enter money transactions, the QUICKEST Len-Den app

• AUTOMATIC Calculations of Udhar Jama

• 100% ACCURATE and RELIABLE khata book

• SAFE - Maintains Credit & Debit history in the cloud

• TRANSPARENCY - Customer gets SMS update for money transactions & can view their hisab in khata app

• DATA NEVER LOST - Even if you Lose your phone, your hisab kitab is always there

• Add Udhar-Jama anytime, anywhere

• Your Hisab-Kitab in your pockets

• Convenient to use and view khata book DETAILS ON THE MOVE

• Elegant & flexible UI which has been optimized for all screens

• QUICKLY CONNECT WITH YOUR CONTACTS: Your address book is used to quickly and easily connect you with your contacts so there's no need to log out & call hard-to-remember usernames

Switch from manual bookkeeping to Khata Business App to write Hisab-Kitab digitally, send Transaction messages to customers, Upload Bills and more… Ledger Account Book


• Record transactions

• Maintain Credit/Debit history

• Reports

• Bill Upload

• Remark writing facility

• Track transaction summary

• Manage & view Customer details

• Multi language support

• Send Payment Reminders

• Add a Customer via phone book

• Manage Customer by Serial No.

• Password Protection

• Download Transaction Data(date wise can also download)

• SMS facility to share the credit/debit details with the customers.

• Get complete information of your creditors according to credit value(increasing/decreasing order)


• Auto Logout

• SMS ON/OFF feature

• Delete Customer

• Search customer through Name/Serial No./Name

• Delete Transactions

WHO CAN USE KHATA BUSINESS, a digital version of traditional Bahi Khata or khata book:

Small businesses and shopkeepers

Individuals who lend money to friends and family to record their transactions and ease their account maintenance burden

Debt collection agents and financiers to keep track of data, store, retrieve transaction record.

Businesses can use Khata Business app to replace their

• Credit Debit Entry Book

• LenDen Diary

• Khata Book

• Credit Debit Diary

• Hisab Kitab Book

• Ledger Book

Cash Book

• Basic Accounting Register

• Len Den Byora

• Debit Credit Ledger

• Credit Debit App

• Udhar Jama Register

Use Khata Business to avoid the headache of managing bahi-khata with pen, paper and calculator. The settlements of these udhar khata accounts is no more a painful exercise; the records are now complete, traceable and last but not the least, with both the parties, increasing TRANSPARENCY.

Some other terms used for Udhar Bahi Khata are…

• Leva Deva

• Levad Devad

• Ugarani Chukavani

• Khatavahi

• Cash Book

Become Digital with khata Business!!

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Please Note: Khata Business app is completely free to use. Upgrading to Premium is optional.