Selected notifications do not populate on iPad. Generally tapping on a full article will populate, but the brief bullet point notices have several aberrations: won't populate, freeze on tap, or freeze system after displaying an unpopulated screen.

mikejones01 2 years ago in iPad 0

Examples of nonpopulating notifications in last several days include:M&A Animal Spirits in Gold, Lululemon +3% after holiday sales, Retail gets a lift from ICR, PayPal hires CMO, Morgan Stanley: Videogame makers..., Equities booted by China stimulus,Raytheon details over $100M in contract, Walgreens Microsoft sign major cloud deal,Device makers in the green after.,    etc.  These can be deleted but not populated for viewing.  Very annoying and makes device hardly worth using anymore for this purpose.  Too bad the feedback crews don't ever seem to acknowledge such problems and give status updates when so many people complain about the same thing.  Mostly seems to have appeared since last update of software, so probably related to bad coding.  Oh well, so glad Boeing does not work this way!!!