Please save last used settings on Charting


When reviewing tickers for various metrics, I believe that people look at the same type of information but keep changing tickers. This is particularly true if I am reviewing the info on SA an then enter it into my spreadsheet. It takes several mouse clicks to get to what I want on SA and this is tiresome if I have to look up a lot of tickers. For example, I want to look at EV/EBITDA on a ticker. The following are the steps:

1) Bring up the ticker from the search bar

2) Click on Charting

3) Click on Metric and pick EV/EBITDA

4) Set the years to 10Y

5) Click on Settings and set it to Linear

Please consider saving my last used settings on any given tab. In this case, my charting settings. So, when next I bring up a different ticker, please use those settings that I used last. It would save users 4-mouse clicks and the consequent time.

I realize that I could use Add Comparison and compare tickers, but even here your default setting is Percentage but it should really be Linear - how many people are looking at actual EV/EBITDA percentages ? Valuations that you see quoted on SA by writers are in multiples and not percentages.