Valuation should compare a stock to its industry (instead of sector)


Currently, the Valuation tab on a ticker compares it to the sector. For example, Zoetis has a PE that is 31 that the website compares to its sector which is about 17. This is not as useful as comparing it to its industry. Zoetis in in the Pharmaceuticals industry according to your website. But in reality it is in the Animal Health industry. You should compare it to Idexx or ELAN.

Yes. I can change the Peer group in your product and compare to the companies I want, but seriously, as a default, at least compare it to the Industry even if it is Pharmaceuticals rather than the Healthcare sector as a whole. Pharmaceuticals will have companies such as Merck, Novartis, Pfizer etc., all companies targeting humans. So, being Woke, let's say that that is the same as my animal sisters( see, I am being politically correct). But including the entire Healthcare sector that also includes Medical Care Facilities is entirely useless.

The value of any website is to provide relevant information quickly.