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Illegitimate Posts/Comments

sniperman4040 2 years ago in iPhone App updated by SA Editor Jeanne Yael Klempner 2 years ago 2

Hi.  It was noted in a recent article by Art Frentzel that there are multiple duplicate posts attributed to me that occurred on July 27, 2017. I have only posted comments for ATRS and OESX articles.  Would you please investigate how/why this happened and delete the posts not attached to ATRS and OESX.  Is it possible there was a system problem that day at SA or I was hacked.  Other than this day everything else looks correct.  Thanks.

Under review


I can see you do not have an account with this email. Please write me your account email on aleksandra@seekingalpha.com and I will try to help you.

The comments in question all seem to be replies related to OESX. 

Please check your comment list, going through using 'filter by ticker' on the left-hand side to see them in context, and click 'report abuse' under any comments that you didn't write.