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First time since joining seeking alpha I’m Receiving a free article limit message for about a week now.Didn’t receive any email or notice about a change on the site and not sure if others are experiencing same issue or if it’s a glitch I’m experiencing.  If there is a new article limit how many is it and how/when does it reset? 

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SA Admin Shubham Shresth
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Hi there,

Thanks for reaching out!

In order to continue providing our users with outstanding financial analysis and news, we changed our Paywall policy in January 2021.

You can read more about this change here:

The good news is that you can still access any article on any stock, even without a paid subscription, though there is a monthly limit to how much you can read.

This limit is dynamic to the individual member, based on the device they use, the traffic source, and a number of other parameters. It resets itself every 28 days

If you want to keep reading past the limit, you can just go ahead and start your free two-week trial of Seeking Alpha Premium - no commitment required.

Premium, apart from providing you unlimited access to analysis articles also provides you with many other powerful tools that can help you with your investing. You can get an overview of the service here.

Hope this helps! Feel free to reach out in case further assistance is required.

Shubham Shresth
Data QA Analyst, Seeking Alpha


OK then. I just unsubscribed from everything by SA. Dumasses, just lost a ton of subscribers. I will be sure to pass on the news to all that I know as well. Your failure as a service is quite astounding. Right now I'm on the fence, who's stupider SA or Putin..hmmmm? Oh, and DO NOT contact me when you (after losing most of your members) roll back this stupid policy. I personally will never return to your site even if you paid me! Bite the hand that feeds you, and find out that that hand slaps back! Bye losers!

Quote from Chillin' Out

I don’t buy that a supposed 1/1/21 STEALTH policy change just hit all of us 21 months later — something flaky is going on here.



Same issue here. Interesting people are seeing $99/yr fee. I see "A great 50% discount of $119 for first year" Are they even adjusting the price depending on users? Anyone have a good suggestion for another news service?

Charlie Loeb

I also am perplexed as to why I suddenly hit the free article limit -- I have been away from a computer since the end of September, so if it resets at the beginning of the month, why am I immediately getting blocked? How many articles are free? Does the counter reset on the first of the month, or some other time depending on when the user first joined? Where can we get clarity? I fear I may have to join the exodus.

D. Davis

Note to SA. The majority of my time on this site is seeing an interesting headline and skipping down to the comments. A significant number of articles are pump articles. And they are repetitive. So I don't read them anymore. I'm interested in the comment section where other investors like myself share their ideas and opinions. That's where the true value of seeking alpha is, investor comments and opinions. They provide market sentiment. I provide comments and opinions as well.

my thanks to the many other commenters over the years.

I'll check back abour once a month to see if your paywall policy changes back. Until then I have many other options.


I agree with all the other users here. Putting news behind a paywall is absolutely ridiculous. Ive been a user for 10+ years but I now will be looking elsewhere.


Very disappointed with the new policy of limiting articles. Now I'm expected to not only pay for contributor services but also to read the articles. NO!  The community was the most valuable part of SA, FYI.


how is tip ranks?

Kurt Christensen

I want to add my negative feedback to this new policy as well. As a long time user 10+ years this is extremely disappointing. SA already has payment options where you can pay for additional analysis and also pay for analysis from certain people. To put content behind a paywall and then be extremely opaque about article limit is terrible. There are a lot of other options available to SA. I think they will quickly see this move as a bad idea that destroys the website. I will move my market research to a new site, that is free.


Note to SA.  Since you have implemented this policy, I think you need to provide a way for non-paying users to know when their 28 day period started and how many articles they are still able to view.  To quote Subham Shresh, the Data QA Analyst on SA, "The good news is that you can still access any article on any stock, even without a paid subscription, though there is a monthly limit to how much you can read."

So why don't you tell me what my monthly limit is?  Is it one article a day, 10 articles a day?  100 articles in a 28 day period?  And when did my current 28 day period start?  How many more days until I can access any article? 

While you cite a 2021 article, I never saw it back then.  You should have posted a current article to let people know this was about to happen rather than take everybody by surprise.