Bad marketing: New users get 50% discount while loyal existing customers get nothing

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Targeting discounts only for new users to grow the customer base and disregarding old customer base all together is the lamest thing. Annoying marketing which I thought only the gyms tend to use. Maybe next time consider more balanced campaigns.

One can of course just work around the new user restriction, which is one more reason to take notice on existing users. This kind of new account setup of then again causes unnecessary headache.

Just quit my monthly subscription and waving good byes :(


Embarrassing to admit, but it seems like it was just my misinterpretation after all. Seems like I was eligible in the end, at least for the latter campaign from affiliate ad.

Just to add some value here from UX point of view. Two things led for my confusion:

1) There is a badge and info text explaining how I'm existing user and thus not eligible anymore for some of the benefits (like free trial and something else)

2) Combined with a full form for payment and contact information which I would have thought at least some had been stored under my account already -> I thought it was there for "new users only".


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