Signed up for a 50% off Premium Subscription, this morning, was charged for a full premium subscription.

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After two weeks of receiving offers for a 50% off Premium Subscription, I decided to sign up this morning, October 27th. Within minutes received notice that my account had been charged for the full subscription fee.  Please cancel the subscription and reimburse my account.  Thank you.


I signed up for a subscription two years ago, never received any notification. how to get started,  Nothing!  I couldn't even find a telephone no.  I went a few mon without SA, but, I miss  reading  the comments of your readers more than I do from your authors. I am a 86 year-old, disabled Vet and my whole is the  Stock market and Fox Business.  I would like to include SA into this limited world I live in--too bad!!  I signed up again (slow learner). Some how my special price was the regular price and you charged me twice for it. You did refund one of them but even though I had a young man enter in  my portfolio in, I can't figure out how to sign in nor can I read the articles so I get nothing for my money.  Please refund my subscription and set me free. dee Hershey