Inaccurate Data for LFMDP


I own LFMDP.  In my daily portfolio email update, I was presently surprised to see that my LFMDP stock had increased 34% in one day.  Looking at the SA graph, it LFMDP had a quick spike from $13.60 on 10/27/22 to $18.25 on 10/28/22 at 12am and then back down to $13.92 on 10/28/22 at 4pm.  This spike is only shown on the SA charts for 6mo and longer.  It is not on the 1mo or 5 day chart.  So I looked up LFMDP on other web sites and they do not show this spike at all.  So clearly, this is another example of bad data on SA's website and app.  I have considered purchasing a premium subscription to SA, but the on going history of bad data is preventing me from making this purchase.